Lens Treatments

Before purchasing your eyewear, consider the advantage of each of our lens coatings.  Think of your glasses as a tool.  With the addition of proper coatings, this tool can perform well beyond simple vision correction, and actually enhance your day-to-day performance and appearance.

Anti-Reflective (AR): Improves vision in all lighting conditions by allowing more light to reach the eye.  This is especially true with thinner, high-index materials that reflect more light than standard lenses.  AR eliminates reflections while dramatically improving night vision for driving and easing fatigue from computer work or reading in harsh light.  We use only premium grade AR to gives lenses an "invisible look" making your glasses more attractive and allowing people to see your eyes more clearly.

Scratch Coat: While not making them "scratch proof", it will harden the surface making them less susceptible to scratching from everyday wear.  Our warranty will replace scratched lenses one time at no charge in the first year with the purchase of this coating.

UV Coat: Blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC bans of ultraviolet light waves.  This coating is essential to delaying  early cataract development.  The primary source of UV is sunlight, with lesser amounts in fluorescent lighting.   To protect the health of your eyes we strongly recommend this coating as a standard option for all lenses and it is included already on many premium lenses.

Tinting: Blocks transmittance of light waves, reducing glare and strain.  Many colors are available in solid or gradient tints.